85,000 USD credit – take a look at this offer

Are you looking for a 85000 USD loan ? Presumably, you have already completely lost the overview. After all, there are countless offers for such a loan. It is difficult to take the appropriate loan. Quickly overlook an important detail and decide wrongly. It can be a very expensive mistake. We have created a credit […]

What is the risk of loan defaults?

Each commitment should be repaid within the period provided for in the contract. What threatens us when we are late with repayment? What steps can the bank take against an unreliable debtor? After what time will the financial institution claim its money? We invite you to read!   Why is timely repayment of liabilities important? […]

Credit insurance – what is the type of insurance

Real estate insurance It is an obligatory, and therefore obligatory, form of insurance with mortgage loans that all banks require. This type of insurance can be concluded through a bank – with an insurer cooperating with a given bank on a daily basis. However, it is possible for the Borrower to present to the bank […]

Credit purchase for seniors

The senior credit buyout market is of growing interest to specialized institutions with mortgage and restructuring expertise, as well as specialized brokers attracted by the large commissions distributed. It is true that the generation of the “grandpa boom” has been more recreational than the previous ones and many retirees have subscribed to a consumer loan […]

How to get a credit when you’re retired

Hardening access to credit First of all, remember that the crisis environment is not very favorable for borrowers even as interest rates reach historically low levels. This paradox is mainly due to the accounting constraints imposed on banks by regulators in international agreements known as “Basel III”. The latter are obliged to rebuild their own […]